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Can anyone tell me please what sort of fertiliser to use for ferns that I am growing in pots. Also, should they have been planted in an ericaceous compost ?



A balanced fertilser!

This link and its related links will give cultural instructions for ferns, and the related links will give you details on fertiliser types.


16 Apr, 2012


Depends which ferns you're growing - Blechnum, for instance, does prefer acid soil, but a lot of the others aren't fussy. Feeding also varies slightly depending on variety - Blechnum only needs occasional feeding, some of the others need feeding monthly with a balanced, liquid feed from Spring through till early June. Balanced means the NPK numbers are the same, so 7-7-7, for instance - this NPK measurement should be shown on the packaging somewhere, usually where the list of 'ingredients' is.

16 Apr, 2012


Many thanks to you both for you kind help.

16 Apr, 2012

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