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By Andrea

Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have been given some `snowdrops in the green` it ok to plant them now and once planted should I cut back the leaves or just leave them as they are....and where is the best place to plant them?



Plant them, do not cut back the leaves, feed them weekly with a half strength tomato feed to encourage the bulb to form next year's flower. Plant in a part shade spot where they can get on and grow undisturbed for many years.

16 Apr, 2012


Thank you.

16 Apr, 2012


I am sceptical about the Tomato feed. I bought a new selection of Spring Bulbs autumn 2011, put them large planters in Clover compost, fed as instructed, most of them went rotten. Dont know if this was caused by the Dutch growers spraying them against their damp climate ? Or was the compost/+feed too rich for them ?
I never buy seed potatoes that have come from Holland after losing half my crop one year. Also knew a farmer's wife who bought from the same source, she lost the lot !

17 Apr, 2012


You feed bulbs in the spring after they have flowered not in the autumn Diane. I've not been able to discover what is actually in Clover Compost but I suspect it was too rich for he bulbs which tend to prefer a lean mix. Our show bulbs in pots are in a home made mix of 1 part loam, 1 part humus (leaf mould in our case), 1 part grit. The wetting agent in the Clover Compost will not have helped either as bulbs prefer to be on the dry side over winter.

17 Apr, 2012

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