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By Junjun

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Does Osteospermum change the shape of petals? I bought 2 of them last Sunday and realised that both of them have 2 different shapes of petals. One is like daisy shape and others are small and narrow petals. They were sold as Osteospermum but no labels and no more information about details. It looks like small narrow petals are young ones. When they grows, do they change their petals like daisy shape? Thank you very much for your help!

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There are many varieties of osteospermum.

The two shown in the picture are relatively common.

There are a few more pictures here;

16 Apr, 2012


The new petals are pointy, then they open out, especially in the sun. Confusingly, they go pointy again as they wither, but look more shrivelled and those can be dead-headed to encourage new flowers.

17 Apr, 2012


Thank you Teegee! I checked URL I may get more as other colors are also nice:)

Ojib, thank you for your comment! Now I understand why some of them have narrow petals. Actually when I went to the shop they seemed to suffer from shortage of water:( One of them was bad state but all of them at shop were same so had no choice. As soon as I went home I gave them water and next day their leaves and stem got better but petals were same. I will keep my eye on them and see if new petals are daisy like shape or not as they have lots of flower buds.

17 Apr, 2012


These ones are frost sensitive, junjun, so shouldn't be left out all the time until mid to end of May.

17 Apr, 2012


Thank you Bamboo! I bought a small green house so I will put them in it till May.

18 Apr, 2012

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