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By Heidi6

Bridgend, United Kingdom Gb

Can someone please identify this fungi/weed that is sprouting all over my partner's lawn?!




OOh, I dont personally know, but it does look rather gruesome!

17 Apr, 2012


It is not a fungi but one of the horsetails and your partner has a serious problem. It is deeply rooted and has long stolons that pop up new growth all over the place. I suppose that as it is in the lawn it can be mowed down every week.

17 Apr, 2012


That's not a fungus, Heidi, I think it's an Equisetum or Mare's tale, which a b****r to get rid of and will invade your garden and wreak havoc. They are famously difficult to get rid of, too. Don't try pulling or digging them up, because they are very silicacious, so brittle, and each broken off piece will start growing independently. Try repeated applications of a strong solution of weed killer to get rid of it.

17 Apr, 2012


It's not a you know how i can tell ?, because there's not mushroom (much room) around them !!!!!

Sorry, couldn't resist probably because im such a fun-gi to know.

I'll get me coat !!!

17 Apr, 2012


lol Andy, that reply made me smile.... Wicked sense of humour!!!

17 Apr, 2012


definately a mares tail and those brown tipped structures are its flower equivalent. They are an ancient plant, a favourite food of many of the dinosaurs that raomed 120 million years ago. So a real survivor.

17 Apr, 2012


Thank u all for your comments I've googled to find out ways to get rid of it and some suggested that vinegar works better than weed maybe we'll give it a go as it looks unsightly and has taken over the whole lawn.

18 Apr, 2012


Do not wait for anything - get rid of the top growth immediately by whatever method. These are the fertile stems that produce spores and if you let them ripen on the plant they will spread even further. As they are in the lawn a weed killer may be a problem as I doubt of ordinary lawn weed and feed will kill them. In any case if you use one that works through the leaves there is no point in applying it until the leaves appear in a few weeks. Using vinegar will just be a waste of vinegar. Have a look on google images to see what the leaves will look like. If they are only in the lawn then regular mowing might keep them in check but if you have cultivated beds round the lawn they will spread into them as they are incredibly deep rooted and far reaching. I fear that any weedkiller that will be effective will also do for the lawn at the same time. A friend of mine put a membrane down and they even found their way through that.

18 Apr, 2012


Thank you Steragram, I think mowing will be the way forward then if nothing seems to kill them.
The other thing I was worried about is that my partner uses his lawn mower to cut my grass, do you think there's anyway that it could transfer to my lawn off his mower? Bit worried as I have a lot of cultivated beds all around my lawn.

19 Apr, 2012


You could possibly get a transfer of spores from the fertile heads in your pic if they have matured by the time you cut them but mowing the leaves will not be a problem. If you are worried keep a sharp eye on your borders and remove any you see immediately before they have a chance to send deep roots down. If you can get rid of them before mowing there should be no danger. Incidentally your lawn would appreciate it if you were to rake off all that dead material to give the grass a chance to grow. Mow regularly rather than waiting until the grass has got long.

20 Apr, 2012


Ok thanks for the advice.

21 Apr, 2012


Good luck with it.

23 Apr, 2012

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