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Aphids and Acers
After commenting on Acers yesterday and saying mine were all looking good - on further inspection of what I thought was a wee touch of frost damage on 2 (both Palamtum) it seems that they are infested with aphids. On looking into buying some ladybirds it seems that they are not available til mid may.
I have sprayed with provado (I do know that it isn't idead but it was the only thing I had too hand) and covered them with fleece just in case it was a touch of frost damage.
Will it be safe mid may to still buy the ladybirds and release onto the plants after treating with spray or should I wait a while longer?



I would have though by mid may you will have wild ladybirds in your garden anyway. I have only creptolimus [spelling] ladybird larva for the greenhouse as in the open you cant stop them flying away.
as for the spray why not try soapy water or the squish between finger/thumb.

17 Apr, 2012


Thanks SBG...I started squishing them but it was starting to give me the heebee jeebies!!
I didnt think that one through did I! I was so engrossed by the sales pitch on the websites re put them on infested plants etc!!!
I wouldn't have normally bothered but for the apparent damage they are doing to all the new growth!
Thank you

17 Apr, 2012

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