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By Lawley

Herefordshire, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone advice me please, I bought Tulameen Raspberries canes last year and they gave a bumper crope, but I cut of the new cane that started growing as I thought it was a runner (I know, I'm an idiot) to my delight I can now see quite a few new shoots growing, so my question is should I let them all grow or should I just allow the strongest one to grow and cut the rest back?



Let them all grow for now for the simple reason you will not be able to tell which ones are going to be the strongest at this time.

Then later in the year do as you have described and thin out the weak and badly placed canes.

17 Apr, 2012


What did it look like last year ? May be the answer is to keep it not an expert but i find that most plants that are allowed to grow alot of green dont produce alot of flowers... ? ) my granddad used to say the knack was to have more going on under the soil then over true this is i couldnt really say ..sorry ! You could try finding other members through searching raspberry cane because not everyone looks at the Q. Section or may be try hywel ..he seems quite to know alot and is very helpful :-) sorry not much help i know ...good luck x

17 Apr, 2012


Cacti raspberries are a 'cane' plant they need to grow a cane of approx 1.5 metres to flower and fruit. Lawley follow Teegee's advice and let them all grow pruning out any very thin or awkwardly positioned canes. Don't expect a huge crop this year and prune back all the cane that have fruited as soon as they finish doing so and trim the new growing canes or they will, like a bramble, just keep on growing.

18 Apr, 2012


Thank you so much for all your advice, Moon Growe I will follow Teegee's and your advice. I will not expect any fruit this year but just happy that I will be able to save them and hopefully produce a great crop next year!

18 Apr, 2012


Teegee.... The which I saw on your profile page is great a webgsite I will use in the future, very useful. Thanks

Moon Growe... I also had a look at your profile page and saw your Moon website... Great another website I will find very useful..Thanks

18 Apr, 2012


Glad you find it useful... it is now an archive but if you have any questions on growing by the moon do send me a PM

18 Apr, 2012


Sorry MG, what do you mean by "its now an archive"?

18 Apr, 2012


I am no longer posting new information to Steragram

19 Apr, 2012


Thanks. Learning all the time! I hope you meant to put "it" on the end of that sentence MG?

20 Apr, 2012


Yup I did :-)

21 Apr, 2012

How do I say thanks?

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