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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Sorry guys - toms again !

The toms I set 5 weeks ago are only just coming up. Meanwhile I've set some more amd now have too many for my conservatory.
I have Marmande, Gardeners delight, sun baby and Alicante. My question is - which one do I put outside for best results ? I line in Cheshire.



Hi Hank

If you are wanting to put your toms out now don’t any frost will kill them and the low temps will slow there growth I would wait until the middle of may and put the Gardeners delight out mine did really well 2 summers ago. I seem to remember growing Marmande outside and doing well but not 100% with that.


18 Apr, 2012


I have a rule of thumb and that is;

If it is a natural 'bush' variety they should be OK outdoors.

'Cordon' varieties should always be grown under cover!

With 'intermediate' varieties I would say grow as 'cordons' but you may have some success outdoors.

As Steve says; it is a bit too early to contemplate putting them outdoos yet!

18 Apr, 2012


Thanks guys, I'll keep them inside whilst I can, then put the G.D. Out.

18 Apr, 2012


Alicante can be hardened off and grown outside as well,
but in cheshire I wouldn,t put them out before the end of may, or early june. Derekm

19 Apr, 2012


Thanks derekm, the alicante are now about 6 ins tall and in my porch. I'll keep them there as you suggest and put them out much later.

20 Apr, 2012

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