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Prunus Royal Burgundy

Is this cherry blossom tree suitable for home garden as I believe it can grow to about 20 feet? Can I keep it small by pruning/ cutting so that roots don't spread all below my house?



I don't know this variety but the fact that it can be grown in a container suggests it can be kept relatively small.

To do this though I think you have to think in terms of restricting root growth rather than upper growth, bonsaing if you like!

You don't say how close to the house you intend to grow it so perhaps making some type of barrier between the house and the tree might help.

I am thinking in terms of perhaps setting a concrete paving flag vertically in the planting hole then as the roots grow they will be diverted from the direction of the house.

Periodic root pruning might also help!

see here;

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18 Apr, 2012


I wouldn't recommend this tree for a small garden, not only does it grow to 6 metres its spread is 4.5 metres making it a tree for a larger garden - remember that the roots will have the same spread as the canopy. Not advisable to have any tree near your house.

18 Apr, 2012


And particularly not a cherry tree, they have a tendency to put out a lot of shallow, large surface roots as well as going down into the soil - this one shouldn't be planted any nearer to a house or structure than 40 feet as an absolute minimum.

18 Apr, 2012


If you want a small one look at Amanagawa, which grows very upright like a poplar. Its flowers are quite pale though which doesn't help if you want a deep ink one. It can get tall eventually but only grows quite slowly. But you still shouldn't plant it very near the house.

19 Apr, 2012


Thanks everyone.

19 Apr, 2012

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