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Anybody recommend a good allotment guide book



Allotment Gardening - An Organic Guide for Beginners by Susan Berger published by Green Books, ISBN 978 1 903998 54 0

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18 Apr, 2012


Teegee are you aware that promoting your own site is not considered good manners on this site... I had wondered why every time someone asked a question you referred them to one particular site - now I know!

18 Apr, 2012


Fair comment Moon growe!

I have actually contacted the site management about this on the day I signed into the site.

I have receieved an initial reply stating that they are looking into the matter.

My reason for doing it is; is not particularly to promote my site but to give a more comprehensive reply to any questions I reply to.

Plus I am a lousy typist and this saves me a lot of typing ;)

Another reason is ; I joined Growsonyou when I saw the Goypaedia! I think this is a brilliant idea, and I thought my website and it could complement each other.

I thought that Goy's brilliant photographs, and real gardeners comments is similar to my site which is basically a compilation of my lifetimes experience taken from diaries I have kept since 1986.

So as I said; it is not particularly done to advertise my website but to share with like minded people my gardening experience.

BTW Thanks for raising the matter, I have been waiting on the site management's reply before I brought the subject up myself.

So now you and everyone else on the site knows why I do it, and hopefuly it has cleared things up why I use these links....Tg

18 Apr, 2012


Tg well tes it does, and no it doesn't, only the folk who responded to this post will read this. You give a link to your site with no recognition that it is your site... perhaps it is just me but I feel uncomfortable with.

18 Apr, 2012


Maybe it would be a good Idea teegee that you add something to your profile about you and your site. I have had a look at your site and it’s very good and I will use it. The reason I ask about a book is so it can live in my shed on the allotment.

18 Apr, 2012


Thanks MG got link book ordered looks good

18 Apr, 2012


Thumbs up Steve... Um you want to 'live' in your allotment shed? Wow!

18 Apr, 2012


The book MG although my better half says I should take a bed down I spend so much time down there anyway.

18 Apr, 2012


Lol Steve... I gave a talk to an Inner Wheel group yesterday and confessed I was an 'addict' as I am a plantaholic!

18 Apr, 2012

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