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I bought a Russian Vine today, it's about 10 feet away from my house on a sturdy ranch style fence. Will it damage the foundations of my house or lift the driveway? Mile a minute to hide from view horrible neighbours.



No the roots are not strong, so will not damage foundations or lift slabs. Russian Vine has a bad press as it produces lots of roots and self seeds - both producing growth where you did not plant it, so it can easily take over an area. I do have one over an arch and keep it trim over winter when it is bare. It is not a problem to keep in order, as long as you do it will not be an issue.

You do realize that it is deciduous? You should add some evergreen climbing plants into out to keep the view of the odious neighbours! Otherwise you will be staring at a lot of brown stems as well as the horrible ones next door.

18 Apr, 2012


Yes ,to avoid bad views/neighbours I think you'd be better off with an evergreen climber or shrubs.

Russian Vine is very rampant unless controlled every year.

There is a lovely evergreen quick growing honeysuckle which will do the same job as russian vine but is not as rampant and has lovely scented flowers

Here it is

Sorry I don't know its name.

Can anyone on here help with that please?

18 Apr, 2012


Is it Lonicera Japonica Halliana Anchorman? very quick growing.

19 Apr, 2012


it should be called rushing vine lol . thow its not deeply rooted unless kept in order it can get heavy enough to pull your fence down .

19 Apr, 2012


It might be Halliana, Pimpernel, but on Googling there appears to be several different varieties being called that (some erroneously) so I'm not sure

19 Apr, 2012


Personally, I would have gone for Clematis. Many new varieties of montana available, plus you can intermix with autumn flowering Tangutica or whatever.
If you want to be particularly nasty to the aliens next door, plant climbing roses. You know, the really thorny ones ;)

19 Apr, 2012


i agree jasonf

20 Apr, 2012

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