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Petunia frustration.


By Denza

United Kingdom Gb

I have just bought some Ebony Petunias, and i was wondering, is it possible to get seeds or cuttings off such flowers, i have the Phantom, and Black Velvet, also the Purple Pin Stipe, is this possible in any way. Or is this against the law to do so, i don"t know. They are all NEW plants that are avialable now.So if someone can help me with this question i would be very greatfull, thankyou.

On plant Ebony Petunia.



I think you are not allowed to sell cuttings etc but I wouldn't worry about reproducing them for use in your own garden. Don't remeember seeing petunias set seed actually, but if they did they would be unlikely to come true.

18 Apr, 2012


Some petunias do set seed - when the flowers have dropped you can pinch out the seeds at the base of whats left (you have to let the seed pod go brown) but I don't think the hybrids will set seed.

18 Apr, 2012


Most likely these new varieties are sterile, so won't produce seed. You can try cuttings if you want, as the others say.

19 Apr, 2012

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