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I moved a small cherry tree a couple of days ago. Will it definitely die?


By Katya

Kent, United Kingdom Gb

I planted the tree about 5 years ago but each year the new leaves succumbed to the snails that infest our garden. Then this year it leafed quite profusely and had achieved a height of about 8 feet. However, there had been other positive developments as a result of which the cherry was definitely in the wrong place. Deciding that form and structure were more important than individual items, I moved it immediately rather than waiting for the autumn, and of course the leaves have begun to droop. Is it a foregone conclusion that it will now die?



Nothing is a foregone conclusion in the gardening world but you will certainly have set the cherry tree back. Keep its roots well watered and it might, just might survive. You can expect it to lose most of its leaves, certainly not flower and be a very unhappy tree... Personally I would not lift and move a tree in leaf at this time of year no matter if I had decided it was in the wrong place, guess it all depends what is important to you in an garden.

24 Apr, 2009


always while there could also cut the top back a lot so more of its energy can go to its long as a plant is still holding on or you can see the remotest bit of green there is a chance.i had a verigated yucka quite litteraly die down to a dead looking stump.after about a few months it though up 4 hole new plants round it.ive sean a cordaline the same.a friend gave me a biggish normal yucka that had grown at the base of his origional plant.he just snapped it of with a tiny bit of root.hes very clever and grows bonzi trees and i didnt like to sound rude but i thaught this wont grow but ill humer him.this was summer to.i swear its healthy and growing well.everything wants to live and will try its hardest but to a cherry tree youve bean very brutal so like moon sais keep ya fingers crossed.

24 Apr, 2009


Thanks for these answers. The cherry survived the move but almost succumbed to windscorch after a storm about ten days ago. 2 or 3 small lateral lower branches are definitely OK, though, so the tree is alive. Not sure what to do now so I've asked another question about that today.

24 May, 2009


cut out the dead wood is good

26 May, 2009


Yup cut out all the dead wood, feed and leave alone... and don't even think about moving for several years - if ever!

26 May, 2009

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