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Hi I have just purchased a soil testing kit which I found very easy to use from the instructions supplied with the kit. My problem is what to do to improve on the soil following the results, the area tested is going to be a vegetable plot growing beetroot, parsnip, swede, carrots and chop choi (hope I spelt that right). The results I have at the moment are:
7.5 pH - Alkaline
Nitrogen - Low
Phosphorus - High.
What should I do now? any help would be welcome, thanks.



How many tests did you make on your plot. I would say you need to make at least six. To bring down your PH, add ericaceous compost or test your own compost.
The growing season for vegetables is already well on it's way. Sow as soon as you can, check out the results by trial and error.

24 Apr, 2009


Have only done the one test up to now . For the last 20 years that I know off the area has been covered with a patio so I am behind but it is next year I am looking to get the improvements for. I have only garden centre compast at the moment but am making my own at the moment.
The area was full of bricks and rubbish when we took up the old patio we have sieved the top 18" of soil and this is the minimum depth some places were closer to 3 foot.
Thanks for the advise Doctorbob 1

24 Apr, 2009


Hi again, Brinleym,
Can you double dig your old patio area and bring up the soil from underneath, water it well if you don't get a good rainfall in your area. About one month later test again. I suspect your high PH is due to builders rubble, old mortar lime etc.

24 Apr, 2009


Thanks again Doctorbob I will give it a go.

24 Apr, 2009

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