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I bought some lychnis flos-cuculi (ragged robin) seeds off the internet as I read butterflies like them. However, after planting and growing the seedlings I have discovered that there are two types of plant growing. One of these I have identified to be the ragged robin but the other I am unsure about. Please help me identify it so I can decide if I want to grow them on and where in the garden I should do this. The plant appears to have maroon coloured stems and lower leaves and the leaves are very hairy, the plant seems to be a low spreader but can't really tell yet. It has small white flowers (see the picture). Thanks!!!




It looks like a tiny field Forget-me-Not. I would guess that in a year or two it could become a nuisance weed if it is allowed to seed.

24 Apr, 2009


it could also be a native called 'mouse ear' due to the hairy leaf. thats what i know it as but it will be a pest after time like forgetmenot would.

24 Apr, 2009


Definitely a weed, so I would get rid of it!

24 Apr, 2009

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