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I have a Malus Profusion Tree In my Back Garden.It is 1 Year Old.I will be Moving house in the next few weeks and I would Like to Take my Tree with me as it is really pretty and I really do not want to leave it behind But I have a problem with the New House I am moving to.The Garden is Fully Paved and has nowhere for me to plant the Tree.Can A Malus Profusion Grow in a Large Pot? If so then would it be possible for this Tree to Live in a Pot Permanently? Any Help much appreciated.



No, is the short answer. Your only option is to plan to lift some paving, otherwise buy a dwarf patio blossom of some kind which can be kept in a pot. Won't be a Malus though, there isn't a small version.

20 Apr, 2012


Thank you For your Answer Bamboo.Oh that is a shame this Tree cant be Kept In a Large pot.I visited the Garden Centre where I originally bought this Tree from and they had more of these tree's for sale there.I looked on the Label and it stated that these Trees can grow between 7 and 8 meteres tall and width.
The Garden Centre Told me I could Buy a big pot for it and chance it but it is a 50/50 chance if it would survive.
I think I am going to leave it behind and hope the new owners will leave it to grow in the Garden.
I will have to search for a suitable alternative one now.
Thanks Once again for taking the time to answer.

23 Apr, 2012

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