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why didn't my tulips flower?

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

For years I have been planting tulip bulbs which have up 'till this year never flowered. When we moved here I bought a bag of mixed tulips which have never produced a flower and only a few remain. I also bought in the last few years two other varieties of tulips which again are still with me but the flower heads wither away before they develop to full size. I have checked books and the interenet and have not come up with a solution. Then suddenly this year I have a whole clump of Queen of the Night in flower and two Dordoigne also in flower. Some others are still having the same problem as before, This has really confused me as I have done nothing to the ones that are now in flower. Has anybody got any ideas, as I love tulips and would love to get some more.




I can only think they didnt send enough food reserves to the developing bulb. if they died off last year very early coz it was too dry that would do it. dont forget to dead head as soon as flowering is over so all the leaf sends goodness to the bulb.

24 Apr, 2009


I have no idea why newly purchased tulips do not flower. All the energy etc should be stored in the bulb and they should only need water to flower that first year. I can only assume that there is 'something' in the soil that they don't like. Why not try growing some in containers or raised beds with imported compost and see how they do?

24 Apr, 2009

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