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Help my Lemon plant, it's got brown bits all over it


By Lemsip

Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

My lemon plant, usually, lives in the conservatory but has been covering the sill with a sticky treacle like glue for a while.
It hasn't produced any lemons last season and the flower buds all fell off and it has now come out with brown oval blotches all over it's branches and underside of it's leaves.
Please help me get rid of this. Is there a spray? I've been scraping it off but it's covered!



this oval is scale insect/scale bug. the sticky stuff is 'honeydew' or their waste product.
you need to spray the plant with a suitable pesticide. or if you fancy it get a cottonbud and some meths and wipe over every scale insect you come across. keep an eye out for further outbreaks.
welcome to GoY too.

24 Apr, 2009


I used the "meths and cotton bud" treatment against scale insect once on a small potted lemon tree and it recovered well. Worth a try!

25 Apr, 2009

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