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By Desiray

northampton, United Kingdom Gb

i have a large hibiscus [bluebird] and last autumn i found some plantlets around it that had set themselves ,they had quite strong roots so i dug them out and potted them.they have now started shooting and look very healthy,i wondered if anyone can tell me if they will flower this year if i plant them in the garden,and what sort of soil they require. Desiray



They'll require conditions similar to the parent plant, but if these have grown from self set seed, they probably will not be the same as the parent plant, so the results will be variable. Given that's the case, I'd be inclined to wait till they flower to see whether you want them or not. I can't say how long that will take though...

21 Apr, 2012


another idea you may like to try is to plant them up into pots in ordinary every day compost and see how they fare.Remember they dont like wind to much so keep them sheltered and warm if poss. It could take a year before they flower.

21 Apr, 2012

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