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Hello fellow diggers,
A couple of months ago I bought a small sweet chestnut
tree. The roots in the container were very, very dry. It has been well watered since but no buds have yet opened. Does anyone know approx. when they usually come into leaf. I may have a dead tree here.



Hard to predict this year - the weather's veering from hot to cold, but I'd certainly have expected some signs of budding by now. Scrape back the bark in places with a fingernail - if its brown and dry inside, its dead.

21 Apr, 2012


Thank you very much.

21 Apr, 2012


We live in a major chestnut-producing area, and have had weather every bit as cold as the UK, but there are little seedlings all over the countryside, all of which are showing quite healthy foliage already. I think you may have lost it, Robert.

21 Apr, 2012


I don't think Robert's lost it, I think it was dead when he bought it... from drought by the sound of it.

21 Apr, 2012


Such a shame - you're probably right, BB.

21 Apr, 2012


Thanks everyone.

22 Apr, 2012

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