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I bought some Hibiscus plants from QVC can anyone tell me how long before they will take off as at the moment they look just like a bunch of dead twigs in a pot perhaps I am too impatient



Is this the hardy outdoor Hibiscus (H. syriacus) if so, they are notoriously late at getting their leaves and usually the first to drop them in autumn.

By simply scraping back a bit of bark with your thumb should tell if it's still alive....the wood will be green if alive, brown if dead.

21 Apr, 2012


I bought the same Hibiscus. They did say they would not do anything untill June i think. Mine are also just twigs. I have one i bought in a pot and that one is just sprouting, i expect the bare root ones will be later, but fingers crossed

21 Apr, 2012


Many thanks for your help I will jst hang in there and wait and see

22 Apr, 2012

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