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By Janeap

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have a flower bed about 30' long shaded against a fence. What would be an unusual/exciting plant/ shrub to plant in such an area?



Difficult, don't know what you've got already, nor do I know how wide the border is from front to back. If your soil isn't alkaline, how about Crinodendron hookeranium? Fatsia japonica you probably know already, but there's a variegated version you don't often see planted in people's gardens - F. japonica 'variegata'.

21 Apr, 2012


We have a Carpentaria Californica, ( see google images) that is a several years old. It grows in a shaded border. It is not a commonly grown shrub. We had 3 attempts to get one going. The border is shaded by next doors Magnolia. I love the white flowers with a yellow centre. The shrub can get leggy. The one at RHS Hyde Hall, where we first saw it, is not a good advert for Carpentaria, unfortunately. To keep it in order it needs disciplining rather than 'pruning'. A challenging shrub, but I like it. A number of them would be pricey however.

22 Apr, 2012

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