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By Doug917

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

i know some of you grow echiums but i how difficult are they to over winter and is it easy to grow them from seed? and when to sow them i had got 3 this winter only one survived boo hoo!! any information you can give will be most grateful



Boo hoo from me too doug, i had a fastuonum last year but because of the mild weather we had upto xmas my concerns faded until it was too late, it only took 1 frosty night early this year and my plant never recovered, ive only got myself to blame really i bought the fleece and bubblewrap in preparation and i didnt want to wrap my plant up during the milder weather, as for the seed ive no idea but i would love to know too, i bought mine as a plant...... if anyone else reads this who knows i would like to know if echiums could be potted up? (not the pininana o'course). ;)

21 Apr, 2012


I am not an Echium expert but I do have some long lasting pots. I would long as they have a roof over their head they are no problem. Wet tops + frost is what probably does them in. Mine are under our canopy that shelters the back of the house. A big hairy one of mine got 'vine weevilled'. It came off the top of the pot in my a wig!!!. I selected the best rosettes, as the top was alive, and they are rooted now in fresh gritty compost. That is how tough they are. My problem is more due to overcrowding in a very long lasting pot. They just need a drink now and again when the pot is light or the rosette feels a bit spongy. They do not like to be damp under the rosettes. If they have babies take them and pot them up in gritty soil. No real need for seed.

22 Apr, 2012


thanks both for your answers

23 Apr, 2012

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