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Petunia & Surfinia - will they flower again?


By Elyod

Manchester, United Kingdom Gb

Hi I have Surfinia that survived the winter.They were outstanding in hanging baskets all summer and just the colour i love.Does anyone know if theres a chance they might flower again

On plant Petunia surfinia




Hi Elyod, although classed as an annual/perennial they tend to be treated as an annual, if it is producing healthy side shoots, these can be used later to produce more plants. Side shoots taken this spring will should flower this season. Hope this helps Philip

22 Apr, 2008


Thank you, really pleased to get a responce.Now to be really cheeky! how exactly do I do that?

22 Apr, 2008


You cut the healthy side shoots off at the stem of the mother plant. Then take a few leaves off the base of each cutting, and make holes round the edge of a pot of compost with a dibber (or your finger!) Then place each cutting in a hole. Water gently. Put a clear polythene bag over the lot held away from the shoots with small sticks. Keep warm and light - on a window sill? They should root in a few weeks and then you can plant each one into a separate pot - and off you go! Welcome to GOY by the way!

22 Apr, 2008


Thanks to Philip and Spritzhenry, really am so chuffed firstly with the great advice and secondly to get a reply at all! You really are a friendly bunch.I've always been a Garden Centre girl,never what you'd call a "proper gardener". Can't wait to see if I can get some new plants from the old ones, Cheers !

22 Apr, 2008


Hi Elyod, welcome, and to be honest i have learnt something new by reading this question, i never knew you could do this to petunia - i usually just take seed at the end of the season and sow in the spring, and i have been gardening for many years - so it just goes to show that it does'nt ,matter what expereince you have - you learn something new every day!

23 Apr, 2008

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