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I have a long narrow strip of soil between a 3.6 foot fence and a sidewalk and I need privacy. Can anyone suggest something that grows tall and narrow? (the strip is not even a foot deep!)
Thank you.




21 Apr, 2012


Thanks! i've thought about bamboo. I don't how they would survive in containers small enough to to not infringe on neighboring property. Do you know?
eastern exposure.

21 Apr, 2012


Could you plant them in the soil?
I don't know whether they could be grown in containers. I wouldn't have thought so, but I'm sure someone else here will be able to answer that.

21 Apr, 2012


Can you fix trellis to the fence and grow climbers up it?

21 Apr, 2012


Plant the bamboo in the ground - but insert a root rhizome barrier first, all along the length, vertically,so that its 18 inches down up to the top, both sides.This will prevent it from spreading next door or anywhere you don't want it. Time consuming and tedious to do, but once its done and the plants are in, you won't have to do anything else other than keep them watered during dry spells for the first few months.

22 Apr, 2012


Also, is this coastal Oregon, or east of the Cascades?

23 Apr, 2012


Thanks to all. Tubgrethil...I'm nestled between the Cascade and Siskiyou mountain ranges. (west of the cascades...but not coastal.

The space is really to narrow for a bamboo rhizome barrier.
I'm thinking of purchasing a bamboo fence and putting trellises in front of it. the existing fence is plastic so i can't affix anything to it. perhaps stakes. (ugh).

Additional suggestions are still welcome!

23 Apr, 2012


You might want to check your USDA or Sunset climate zone--most species of bamboo can't take much cold, and even the hardiest have their limits.

26 Apr, 2012

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