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Does cat litter harm soil ?


By Thorn

County Antrim, United Kingdom Gb

Does cat faeces ,urine harm soil



I wouldn't want it on my garden for obvious reasons and also it might encourage other cats to use the ground as a public convenience!

21 Apr, 2012


Our cars have often used the flower beds and no harm done - the only problem is the hole digging. But the general recommendation is not to add used litter to the garden or compost heap.

21 Apr, 2012


CARS, Steragram? The imagination is running on overdrive at the moment...;o))))
We have a LOT of cats, Thorn, and so a lot of soiled litter to dispose of. We don't compost it, for the above reasons, but dig fairly deep holes to bury it. We have noticed that after about 18 months, digging over the "burial" ground, there is no sign of faeces, and the soil appears to be very rich and fertile. The litter itself improves our clay-ey soil, and there is no appreciable smell. I wouldn't plant vegetables in it, but if you have the space and the depth, it's as good a way as any to dispose of it, and it is more environmentally sound, as well as being what appears to be an efficient soil conditioner.

22 Apr, 2012


Lol Gattina! You've no idea what goes on in our garden...

Thorn if you decide to bury your litter look at the various brands first - there is at least one that specifically says its suitable for gardens.

22 Apr, 2012

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