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What is too cold for bedding plants

North Humberside, United Kingdom Gb

I bought some bedding plants 2 weeks ago and put them in wall baskets, I take them in on a night,and hang then on the fence during the day, but have noticed the weather forecast is for 6 degrees min overnight for the next few nights, is it only frost I need to avoid,is 6 degrees too cold,? they are growing realy well and have more than doubled in size in 2 weeks.Is there a min temp that will be safe?



Hi, well of course it all depends on the plants,
but if you are in any doubt bring them in for a sort while longer, until they are prperly hardened up.
\we still keep our bedding in poly tunnels over night at the garden centre i work in

24 Apr, 2009


a good basic rule of thumb is to keep them from freezing

25 Apr, 2009


Bedding plants should not be planted out untill May, and even then we could get a frost, if they are hardy such as sweet peas they will be ok to plant now, busy lizzies are tender and will suffer.

25 Apr, 2009


well i was just using a basic rule of thumb perdit but your ofcourse right

26 Apr, 2009

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