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Hi folks i have on the stems of my acer some sort of bug, it looks like a small woodlice but when you remove them they are very soft and dont seem to have any legs, these always appear this time of year only on the acers any ideas anyone i presume they are a bug and not some sort of ladybird because i keep removing them !
Does anybody else get these and what are they?



they sound like scale insects. they are a sap sucking insect. they can be rubbed off and if the infesttion isnt too bad then wipe the stems with meths. if this isnt possible then there will be a systemic insecticide to spray on the trees.

22 Apr, 2012


thanks seaburngirl i will just try and keep these down by removing with a tissue

23 Apr, 2012


thanks seaburn girl i have not seen these scale insects before so will try and keep a eye on these

23 Apr, 2012

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