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bought a small xmas tree jan 2011 and have repotted it twice===last couple of weeks, the needles have all turned a brown colour but there do seem to be new green shoots---could this be the cold winds recently or is it on its way out??



It may be root disturbance causing it to defoliate. If it has green shoots then that is a good sign. The only problem is visual - it will not regrow needles so the bare areas will stay that way.

22 Apr, 2012


In a pot, too, any mistakes in watering will be magnified, since most conifers in containers have no forgiveness for drought. Since it has green tips, though, you are at least provisionally forgiven! : )
Do you know what species it is, 80smaniac? Judicious feeding might help it to recover faster, but some species have idiosyncracies in their food preferances.

23 Apr, 2012

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