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i have gigantic conifers in my back garden. how much can you take off the height.i jnow you cant cut into them too far else they wont green up again .i would like quite a bit taken off them but frightened they might go brown



Depends which conifer they are - if they're really gigantic, are they Leylandii cypress?

23 Apr, 2012


If you cut the sides back beyond the green they won't rejuvenate. However you can take the tops out with no problem as the branches at the sides will then grow upwards and carry on as normal. within a short time you won't be able to tell. A neighbour reduced his by a good six feet.

23 Apr, 2012


thank you steragram,did your neighbiur have them cut straight across at the top.i always have mine trimmed and kept in their natural shape as i prefer that so never take too much off them but as it is so expensive to have them all done decided this time to bite the bullet and have the height reduced by quite a lot,havent done it yet.
Sorry spelled neighbour wrong but as youve probably realised from the fact i dont post photographs im no use at this computer lark i get by thats all will have to have some lessons.

24 Apr, 2012


Geraldine, we topped our conifers by at least six feet about five years ago and now they need doing again, it seems that by lopping them re-juvinates them and they grow pretty quickly. I would like to take ours out but as you say, the expense!

24 Apr, 2012


You don't need to worry about keeping the shape as they will gradually put it right again by themselves over the season. Go for it, give 'em the big chop. You'll be amazed yow much more light you get.

24 Apr, 2012

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