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My orchid plant has lots of tiny round brownish bumps stuck all over the leaves, which I think are some kind of bug. A couple of green leaves have just come away at the base. Does anyone know how this bug operates? Does it attack the roots as well as the leaves? I have wiped off the bugs, if that's what they are, and sprayed with a bug killer but is there anything else I should do please, eg should I repot the plant?



I didn't have a clue but did a google and came up with 'bacterial brown spot' could this be it?

See here;

23 Apr, 2012


Could be scale insects. I dont think bug killer is much good for getting rid of them, I think you are best rubbing them off when you see them. I had them on a lemon tree and it was a devil of a job to clear them.

24 Apr, 2012

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