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Late frosts


By Davefc

Taunton Somerset, United Kingdom Gb

I live in Somerset and I am just wondering if anyone would say its safe yet to start planting out yet or is there still a chance of more frost ? I know it sounds silly but ive been watching all the forcasts and although it seems like we had our English summer last week the temperature does not seem to be falling below 8 degrees at night. I have read several books but none seem to be able to agree when is safe.



Thanks Marguerite,
That's answered my wonderings as well!

25 Apr, 2009


I live in Berkshire and I wait until mid May before reckoning it is safe to plant out frost tender things and then only if we are having a settled spell of warm weather. Hope this helpsr

25 Apr, 2009


I'd have said mid may as i'm in yorkshire and wait till june. one yr planted out salvias during the school 1/2 term and we had 3 frosts over the bankholiday weekend. :o(

25 Apr, 2009


Hi near-neighbour! I have started planting out - we are in a mild area of the UK, aren't we - and I am keeping my fingers crossed, but hope all will be well. I've planted 4 Osteospermum out so far.

I've seen several new pots out in people's gardens in the last couple of weeks, so I'm not alone in my optimism. Yes, it's a risk, but all gardening is a risk - we could have a hailstorm in July!

25 Apr, 2009


Margeurite, sorry, but it is not recommended to put coals or coal soot onto the garden. I can't remember why, but I know wood ash is good for the garden, but coal is not.

26 Apr, 2009


Broken eggshells are another method of deterring slugs. See my blog on further recommendations on dealing with molluscs if interested.

26 Apr, 2009

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