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problems with pears.
one of my friends has an edible pear tree, 3 yrs in her possession. she was telling me the leaves are all 'wrapped up with silk' and wanted to know what to do with it.
well as most of you know this isnt my forte so 3 questions for you
1. what is it?
2 what does she do about it now?
3 what does she do to prevent it again.?

[i thought coddling moth larvae and grease bands in the autumn but ....]

thanks in anticipation.



I was thinking moth caterpillars, though as you say they tend to be later in the year. Ermine moths do the silk around leaves in May and it has been a mild are a possibility. I do not think that codling moths have silk cocoons - they burrow in the fruit.

25 Apr, 2012


Photo would be of help...

25 Apr, 2012


Please google 'oak processionary moth' and compare the pictures. If it is this you need to get rid of them, maybe inform your local council tree warden. Or go to

25 Apr, 2012


sadly no photo. I have asked her to send me a sample, she is in Burnely and I'm near Hull.

25 Apr, 2012


She can still take a photo and e-mail it to you!

25 Apr, 2012

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