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I sowed gyp a couple of weeks they look ok? Are they big enough to transplant and how's the best way to do it? thankyou




gosh that is a lot of plants. they need more light if you cangive them it. i wouldnt separate them individually but 'tear' the group up into sections about 1"x1" and pot them on in smallish [3"] pots. in about 3 weeks plant them in the garden where you want them to flower.

26 Apr, 2012


Hahaa I think I got carried away Seaburngirl..maybe I will just do half a seed packet next time...:) thankyou

26 Apr, 2012



I use various types of containers and subject to the size of the seed, I either broadcast them or sow them individually, as this saves both seed and compost which with ever rising costs is worth thinking about!

This is how I sow my seeds;

26 Apr, 2012


thanks teegee very good info :)

27 Apr, 2012

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