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Meath, Ireland Ie

I am tempted to plant Phyllostachys nigra in my back garden as part of a foliage group. I know this grows very large and spreads widely in warm climates. Does anyone have experience of how much this will grow in the British Isles after, say, 10 years.



Nowhere near as quickly as in warm climates Vincent. I've not got P. nigra, I like growing from seed and this bamboo I could never get to germinate, or it would germinate then damp off very quickly. But my other 7 bamboos have all been growing for many years and even the P. aurea is only about 3 metres tall after 15 years. They do all clump nicely but I've never been bothered by 'invasion of the killer bamboos'. I'd say go for it and good luck. They are lovely plants.

27 Apr, 2012


P.nigra grows fine in the British Isles. A Sheltered damp sunny location is perfect. You need the sun to make it go black, sheltered to keep the winds from making the leaves burn off and dampish as they soak up lots of water. Mine are only a few years old, so small. A neighbours are about 1.5 metres tall and must be 10 years old - those are west facing and seem to be doing fine though thin and less black.

27 Apr, 2012


I've got it growing in a windy, sunny spot as a windbreak in someone's garden, planted about 5 years ago - its now about 13 feet, which is its maximum expected height (except I trim it down) and is spreading like wildfire beneath the paving, popping up 3 feet away. This one's supposed to be a non runner, but I strongly recommend insertion of a root rhizome barrier to a depth of 18 inches before planting out.

27 Apr, 2012


Thanks folks, but conflicting opinions there. I am much colder than London, Bamboo, and in fairly heavy clay but still a bit worried about the running.
Can I blame you, Sarraceniac, if I go ahead and get overrun? lol.
Mmmm .... might chance it.

27 Apr, 2012


Yes blame me. We are also a lot colder than London, I also have heavy clay (but getting better now after years of soil improvement) and I've got salt winds to contend with as well. Thought I may loose all my bamboos after the big freeze of Dec 2010 but all I lost were my palms and cordies.

28 Apr, 2012


You can use them as a wind break but only established Bamboos. A 30cm plant will lose most of its leaves in windy conditions. Asian Wonder is a better choice or Fargesia muriele.

28 Apr, 2012


Thanks all for a good thread. I am now absolutely sure that I will (or will not) plant Bamboo.

1 May, 2012


He he, that's what I like, decisiveness, Vincent, lol

2 May, 2012

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