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Can anyone please have a look at my lavender seedlings..never done lavender before they look like twigs..I take it this is not correct..any suggestions please? thankyou




They are looking fine .

But normally I multi pot my lavendar cuttings about 8-10 tip cuttings in a pot and leave outside all winter .

Mine are still in pot .

Have dont this before and then take tip cutting out and pot on.

Push them down a bit more and they seem to be growing to the light.

If you are growing on window sill I would treat these same way as my fuchsia cuttings turn a quarter turn each day for an even shape.

27 Apr, 2012


ok you think I could put a bit more compost in too?

27 Apr, 2012


As they are cuttings I would put them outside in a sheltered spot for a while. If you think they are well rooted, then I would pinch them back by half and they will throw some side shoots.

27 Apr, 2012


I thought Kate40club said they were seedlings?
Don't add compost to the top, to me they look fine, just be patient, later you may pinch out the tops so they can bush out. :o) also they should be out side I think in a cold frame or a sheltered spot but watch for frosts.

27 Apr, 2012


yes they are seedling..I had them in a tray and moved them into pots last week..thanks again everyone for your comments :) I will put them outside I have a plastic zip frame.

27 Apr, 2012


Well I'm confused - are these cuttings that have been taken recently? Because that's what they look like, rather than seedlings. They also look as if they've got wood at the bottom - cuttings should be soft stemmed, without wood, and about 3 inches long.

27 Apr, 2012

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