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Hi This is my first question, but I can tell that there are some very knowledgeable people out there! I have an olive tree in a pot. It is the second one I have tried - the other died because of frost, I think. How should I care for it? It's in a sunny position on the patio. I have just potted it on - I have had it a year. Does it need to come inside in winter? Will it ever produce fruit (it has had flowers)?



No, it won't crop, particularly where you are. You might get the odd olive in a good year, but mostly not, specially contained in a pot.
These are reasonably hardy, so suggest you move it somewhere very sheltered for winter, say against a wall which gets any sun there is, out of cold winds, and not in a frost pocket. Wrap the pot in bubblewrap to insulate the roots. If we have a severe winter, though, you will need to have somewhere to remove it to under cover or inside which is cool, but not below 3 or 4 degrees C during the worst of the onslaught.

28 Apr, 2012


Thanks Bamboo - I thought it probably wouldn't fruit, but I will follow your advice in winter.

28 Apr, 2012


i have a cple of small olives, and they survived our cold spell this winter pretty well, - minus 13C for 3 days- didnt even lose any leaves.
Most of the other olives in the area lost theirs but were not damaged otherwise. I think they are pretty hardy.
The only thing they absolutely hate are dampness around their roots, it will kill them pretty quickly.
If they are more than a cple of years old dont bother even about watering them where you are!
I really like your garden.

7 May, 2012

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