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I'm here again asking the same old question of what are these plants names please. If you good folks could give me the common names and botanical name I would be very grateful. The bottom photo the plant has purple flowers. Thanks.

What_is_this_please What_is_this_please._purple_flowers



The first one is a euonymus "spindle tree" not sure which one could be emeral n gold, the second one is a geranium looks like johnsons blue if purple/blue flowers as you describe

28 Apr, 2012


Second one looks like Geranium Magnificum, agree with Dido on first one.

28 Apr, 2012


First one,definitely Euonymus,"Emerald and gold " Martin..very hardy and no problem trimming it as and when you need to..a good one to have,and easy to take cuttings from...2nd,as comments above..but if you post a pic when it flowers,someone wil know the variety..

28 Apr, 2012


Thanks for the info folks. I've added "spindle tree,emerald and gold, euonymus" and "Morning Widow, geranium phaeum" to My Plants section.

28 Apr, 2012


The Geranium looks more like Geranium phaeum. Try googling that. The flowers are purple and are in bloom at this time of year (just). I've got both phaeum and Johnsons Blue (which flowers a little later and is blue not purple) - the leaves aren't right for JB but can't double check my phaeum at the mo as its tipping it down!

28 Apr, 2012


the geranium isnt phaem, but more likely magnificum as Wagger says. G.phaeum has a 'pointier' leaf and isnt as textured.

28 Apr, 2012


I agree the first one isn't JB, but there are quite a few with similar leaves to this so perhaps you could post another pic when it is in flower? It will be nice for you if it is magnificum. Incidentally the phaeum is mourning widow not morning widow, probably because the original purple one was the colour of some mourning clothes.

30 Apr, 2012

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