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My garden sides onto a public pavement. There is a mesh fence between us and the pavement but as people walk passed they stare in so we are unable to sit in our garden without feeling like being in a zoo. What can we plant that is quick growing and will give us some degeree of privacy. I thought of russian vine but it is not evergreen although we will not be sitting in the garden in the winter, any other suggestions.



HOw tall is the fence? Is there a border or something on your side that you can plant into, and if so, how deep from front to back is the border?

28 Apr, 2012


Prunus Lusitanica, the Portuguese Laurel will make a super, evergreen hedge. Quick-growing and easily clipped to make a decent shape.

29 Apr, 2012


Keep clipping it though or it will get very big!

30 Apr, 2012


id bye some of that split bamboo on a roll 6` x 16` ish and shop around as the prices vary quite a lot . you can then plant something i9n front that will grow bye the time the bamboo starts falling apart . you can use them electric cable zip ties to fix it to the chain link . instant privacy .mines been going about 14 years now and is just starting to fall apart . its more the wire holding it that goes as apposed to the bamboo itself so the better you fix it in a lot of places the longer it will last . there are other rolls made of other stuff but the bamboo definatly lasts longer .

1 May, 2012


ow bye the way it comes in different hights from about 3` high up to 6` high and hello bye the way lol x .

1 May, 2012

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