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By Lochty

Fife, United Kingdom Gb

just discoverd what i think is vine weevil on my acer what do i do found a few beetle like incects its in garden not in pot what treatment



What makes you think its vine weevil? Have you seen one? Is your plant in a pot or in the ground?

28 Apr, 2012


if you have found the adult weevil, a dull browny 'beetle' type insect then squish her and hope she hasnt laid eggs.
if they are a fat white, brown headed grub in the soil then you you need to repot in fresh compost and make sure there are non nestling in the roots.

28 Apr, 2012


I read that as "nesting" and had visions of vine weevils swooping over the acer!


28 Apr, 2012


Adult or grub - squash it PDQ!

28 Apr, 2012


I've never known vine weevils both acers...

29 Apr, 2012


No, nor have I, MG...

29 Apr, 2012


If you have vine weevils on the leaves you will have characteristically shaped holes in them, like irregular bites out of the edges. Could you show us a photo?

30 Apr, 2012

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