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Hi folks,
Strawberries already flowering well. No problem for Mount Everest, but I'm worried that it may be too early for Korona in the Midlands climate. Would you recommend removing flowers to delay the crop, or would that result in losing it altogether?
Expert advice would be greatly appreciated.



Welcome to GOY, leave them to fruit, if the flowers set you will also get another crop later in the year.

29 Apr, 2012


Apologies for delay - away for 3 days, but many thanks, Doctorbob1. I thought the same but wanted to be sure. Last year's M.E. and Korona outclassed my other varieties to such extent I will be devastated if I lose them this time.
I'll try to upload a comparison photo later once I work out how.
Delighted to have found this site - wish I had seen it earlier. I hope I will be able to contribute sometime, although I am very much a veggie man.

1 May, 2012

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