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What is the way tpo get phlomis seeds to germinate. I have tried soaking and freezing but still no joy



Hi, I have never grown this, but I understand that you need a temperature of between 55 & 64 deg f, so I would use a good quality seed compost, sow the seed on top and cover lightly with perlite or grit, and put in a propagator to maintain these temperatures. Derekm.

29 Apr, 2012


I sowed half a packet of Phlomis tuberosa in john innes compost and the other half in loo rolls in multi purpose comp. I sowed both lots early march. The ones in the john innes have no signs at all. The ones in the loo rolls are just showing themselves. They are in individual loo rolls, in a large window box along with a load of other various seeds. They are inside a clear plastic sack and kept moist on my landing window. So patience is a virtue.

30 Apr, 2012

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