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i recently put my climbing beans outside in the pots to expose them to the weather as i grew them from seed on the windowsill. for the first day they were fine but the leaves on some have become wet curly and are now damaged what has caused this ? Thankyou to everyone who replied. We have not had any frost recently however on the day i put them out it was very windy but they did have some protection from the wind . What was suprising was that part of the leaf was wet and this part then shrivelled up ! the rest of the leaf looks fine and not all leaves have been affected . The beans are climbing runner beans .



I am no expert, can only say that I have also put my runner bean plants that I grew from seed outside, under cover, to harden them up. They really look very unhappy and droopy - I am wondering if this cold weather is really not good for them.

29 Apr, 2012


They will be too wet and cold they will need to be hardened off but not just yet I would wait until the middle of may before they go out. Bring them in and keep them inside they should recover ok and plant them out in 2/3 weeks but about a week before you plant out take them out during the day and bring them in at night to harden them off.

29 Apr, 2012


See my comment on above post

29 Apr, 2012


What type of beans are you growing?, if runner beans they,re a bit less hardy than say, broad beans, but neither are particularly hardy, so if you have had any frost this could be the cause of your problem, Derekm.

29 Apr, 2012

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