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Hi! What shrub is this please? How should I look after it?




Looks like a Parlour Palm. Easy house plant - takes poor light, keep soil moist but not too wet. Use a garden hose in summer to dust. A liquid feed every few months will keep it fine.

29 Apr, 2012


Yup, Parlor Palm (Chamaedorea elegans, aka Neanthe bella). And I agree with Kildermorie as to the care--I let the top 1/2 cm of soil dry out on mine, and keep it in a north-facing window with a shallow eave. The main pest to look out for is spider mites, but hosing it off occasionally, as Kildermorie recommends, will keep them off. Mealybugs are an occasional problem, and will require stronger measures, such as imidacloprid granules. Wiping them off with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol can work, also, but the ones hiding in where the new leaves come out are impossible to reach! : /

30 Apr, 2012


Occasionally they send up a flower spike which is best removed

30 Apr, 2012


Yeah, mine have sent up a flower spike a few times, mainly winter. It kind of looks like the leaf but thinner with little tiny yellow flowers on it. As far as I know any seeds are non-viable.

30 Apr, 2012

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