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What is happening to my peach tree????


By Mark61

South Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi all just wondered if anyone could help me in possibly telling me whats wrong with my peach tree.I have had the tree for about two years now and never had this problem on the leaves before.I originally thought it was caterpillars but after thinking about it i dont think it is as majority of the leaves are turning like this.I maybe wrong but any help would be much appreciated.:)))))

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That me dear, is Peach leaf curl. It is a very nasty fungal infection and very hard to treat. You need a really good fungicide recommended for fruit. You also need to collect up and burn every leaf with it on.
Sadly we gave up on our peach tree as we just could not get rid of this and in the end it killed the tree. Sorry.

30 Apr, 2012


Hi Owdboggy oh dear this does not sound good.Thankyou so much for the information.Could you tell me would it effect nearby apple trees that i also have growing.:((((

30 Apr, 2012


I think its a waterborn fungal infection and when I grew one under glass it wasn,t affected, is there any way you could protect it from the wet....( big ask I know.....). OB would know much better than me but I don,t think so as they are not the same genus........

30 Apr, 2012


It only affects Peaches and Apricots and Almonds, not Apples.
Pamg is correct, if you can stop rain from hitting the plant you can stop the fungus. A systemic fungicide might work. We never tried as we prefer not to spray. Copper sulphate is supposed to help too, but you have to be assiduous with your spraying. I cannot find the link I used to have to a really good set of info on the Interwebthingy.

30 Apr, 2012


Hi Pamg and Owdboggy thankyou so much for all your help will certainately be researching some more into this .Thankyou again mark:))))

1 May, 2012

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