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How can i get rid of aphids on my Pear tree ?


By Wedge

United Kingdom Gb

My pear tree leaves have started to curl and i have found aphids on it, can somebody let me know how to get rid of them.
Many Thanks



I personally don't like using chemicals becoz it does so much damage to good insects as well as bad insects. I don't know how big your pear tree is, but you could try several things. Squash the bugs with your fingers, spray the leaves with water and washing up liquid, or seaweed liquid. If it was me, and it's a largish tree, I would buy some ladybirds/lacewings to eat the aphids. These can be bought online. Hth?

28 Apr, 2009


Many thanks for your advice will have ago with the Ladybirds/Lacewings seems the best way to go, will let you know how i go.
Thanks again

28 Apr, 2009


You could underplant/nearby this tree with plants that ladybirds and or lacewings like to eat. If you need any ideas, give me a shout and I'll do a blog on it!

29 Apr, 2009

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