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By Hockeyd

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i have an anthedesia red it has plenty of flowers but they are now green and not red. can you tell me why



I'd like to see a photograph of it really, but can I ask where you've got it in the house? Should be out of draughts, in a brightly lit spot but no midday sun, well away from heat sources, in a room where the temperature does not fall below 60 deg F, even at night, and never allowed to dry out, but not left standing in water for longer than 30 minutes.

3 May, 2012


thanks for your answer. It isnt in a very well lit spot but is away from draughts and nowhere near a radiator. The room temperature may fall below 60 deg occassionally at night and I water it regularly so it doesnt dry out or sit in water. Sounds like I need to put it in a brighter spot! Thanks for your advice

9 May, 2012

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