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Help with ID please....
This is growing in my brother's garden, he is adamant he got it from as a cutting from me but as I don't recognise it I am unable to help him.
Please help me identify - I would like to know so he can split it and share :)
Thank you.

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Hi Scottish. First glance looks like Hebe?

30 Apr, 2012


it looks like veronica gentiodies to me. it will extend that flower spike to about 12-18" tall if it is what I think it is. if it is then just divide the clump after flowering. you can be quite ruthless and chop through with a spade. plant the resulting pieces in suitable compost/soil.

30 Apr, 2012


Dawnsaunt - not a hebe - it's some sort of perennial but thank you.
SBG - you are absolutely correct - now I have googled it I can remember him buying them. They weren't where I had told him to plant them originally! I'll be having a bit of that soon :)) Thank you!

1 May, 2012


if its a white one ot is possibly 'Tissington white'. either way they are nice plants.

1 May, 2012


That's the name I remember....thank you SBG :)

1 May, 2012

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