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Problems with two of my David Austin roses. Last year some of the leaves gently curled under which were perfectly clear of symptoms. Other leaves yellowed etc. and fell off. Those which curled under had no marks whatsoever on them. I have five new Austin roses and I don't want them to do the same.
I am afraid to spray in case I kill them. Also I encourage beneficial insects and have frogs and salamanders here.
I hope someone can help.

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I love Austins roses. Which ones did you get?

If you rake up the fallen leaves and burn them, or dispose of them (not in any compost) you may prevent any further attacks.

It is possible that it is aphids. I am no expert alas.

Most of DA's roses are disease resistant, though not all. I have found similar damage in the past on those that I have grown. A light pruning of the damaged sprigs can benefit.

Roses are robust enough (in UK) to withstand attacks from many things. I hope that yours will be recover and bloom well.

Keep them watered well, give them a good dressing of mulch. And don't be afraid to spray them, provided it is a propriatory brand of bug spray - read the label carefully. In UK 'Roseclear' is a good one.

2 May, 2012


Thank you for your reply. I shall do as you suggest.This spring I bought Eglantyne, The Mayflower, The Pilgrim (possible not hardy here) Gertrude Jekyll and William Shakespeare. I already have, two Heritage which withstand anything, one L.D. Braithwaite, one Mary Rose and one Abraham Darby. I wanted Susan Williams-Ellis or Winchester Cathedral but neither were available to me.
I have two huge compost piles which I started last autumn plus a large hole where I am ageing horse manure.
I love Clematis and delphiniums. The latter surround the two Heritage roses.
Thanks again. Clemie

2 May, 2012


Have you fed them since you bought them, just wondered if there could be a mineral deficiency......or possibly lack of water

2 May, 2012


I agree with Pamg a possible mineral deficiency which could be magnesium by the look of it. A brown stain with yellowed veins on the third leaf may be indicative. Any shrub (not just roses). You should find a cheap remedy at the chemist EPSOM SALTS( magnesium sulphate) Recently I used half a small pot on My Carpentaria dissolved in rain water. I had the imediate response I have had before with this difficult and expensive shrub. Shortage of magnesium + drought was affecting it severely. The shrub cannot take up nutrients when when short on Mag Sulph.

2 May, 2012


Although David Austin roses have a good resistance to black spot and milldew it doesn't mean that they won't get either. As said 'Roseclear' spray when there is a fair amout of leaf early in the season before they get black spot, milldew and aphids and Bayer 'Top Rose' should get rid of the yellowing of the leaves and give a good feed. I know that most gardeners don't like to use too many chemicals but with roses there isn't always much choice.

2 May, 2012


Thank you all so very much for your advice. I have printed this off. The new roses this year are still covered for another week as grower suggested. The two which had the problems last year could very well have the problems you suggest. Mary Rose was new last spring and was not fed at all and Graham Thomas was new the spring before and only fed once. I had been raising the soil in my secret garden room in which the two affected roses reside and I bet I had a bad soil balance. I didn't think of that. Last summer was also very dry.
Thanks again. I have been really worried about this as I planted three of my new Austins in the Secret Garden and I worried about contamination.
Roses just coming out of leaf bud here. We are just starting with the tulips, daffodils still in bloom.
Thanks again. Clemie

2 May, 2012


Hi Clemmie, I also had a peartree affected by the same leaf disorder and it also responded to a dose of mag sulph which is a natural element needed by both ourselves and plants. The D.Austen roses are beautifully presented and bred, but a bit too pricey for me, especially if they don't thrive too well. I hanker after Gentle Hermione but it seems to have vanished off the displays. I do not know where I would put it if I bought it.!!

3 May, 2012


Hi Dorjac, I bought some trace elements, a separate container of mag.sulph, a rose fertilizer containing all the trace minerals and a Safer's Natural Insecicide spray spray, the latter just in case.I am ready! We can't get Roseclear here. Systemics are apparently are banned. On a potted rose I have already applied the trace mineral and this afternoon will take the winter mulch off and do as the kind people here have suggested. I recall the name Gentle Hermione but can't put a picture to her. The Austin's here, are no more expensive than any other rose. I am in Canada. We still have snow in the hills and mountains and could get frost until May 24th. Temperature was only 3C last night.
Other than the problems last year, my other Austins have never given me any trouble. The problems came with those in an area where I have been building up the soil.
Thanks again. Clemie

3 May, 2012


The Austin roses are twice the price here at £16 each Clementine. We never see them sale price. More recently bred roses are dearer due to breeders and growers premiums. I think Gentle Hermione can googled perhaps and may be on GOY. My Carpentaria has recovered well after its medication with epsom salts, but has also had torrents of rain too on its roots as well, so diificult to say which did it the most benefit

4 May, 2012


I Googled Gentle Hermione, it is beautiful. Similar to my Heritage. I have two planted together. So far, it is my favourite Austin rose. I paid $14.95, about 9 pounds 30 p. each, for my order of Austin roses this spring. I have to pay shipping as they came from the other side of Canada. Good sized plants too. Last year, Mary Rose from the same company had seventeen blooms in its first season. We always found that plants do better with rain water rather than tap water. We have barrels under eaves to catch it.

5 May, 2012

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