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Can I grow Meconopsis betonicifolia easily

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Historically I have had huge problems with this! Now I live in France with hot summers although the border I have just created has a eight foot high plus wall and the border gets the sun only in the height of the summer and then only for a hour or so in the morning. It is a new bed with top soil (virgin) and its between 6/7ph. I can buy the plants here in France at about £10 each. I do not wish to rush headlong into this so would welcome some advice as to how I should treat these plants. Winters here can be some 4/7 below at times.

On plant Meconopsis betonicifolia



Well we grow Mec's here in the north of Scotland... I don't see why you shouldn't be able to grow but I'd buy seeds and grow that way rather than spending £10 on a plant.

26 Apr, 2009


I have seen them cheaper here in france, but i would go with moon grower and try growing them from seed; how many do you need ? want ?!

26 Apr, 2009


just a few would be helpful please

thanks again

26 Apr, 2009


Sorry I don't have any! I was wondering on the cost, buying plants versus sowing them from seed, I think we have crossed wires !

30 Apr, 2009

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