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By Titchy

Dorset, United Kingdom Gb

Pyracanthas! Can they moved? Mine is about 1meter 80cm in height, but would love to have it somewhere else, and use that space for runner beans. It's just in the way where it is. But don't want to loose it, as it feeds the birds and gives me pleasure. Can cuttings be taken just in case.



You would best wait until autumn and then do your moving. Should be OK then to dig it out with as much root as possible and free up the space. Pyracantha are pretty tough. One way that Bonsai growers skip a seedling stage is to grow a shrub or tree seedling for 3 years or so. Dig it up trim roots and tops and put it in a small pot and grow on as Bonsai. Pyracantha is a popular one for that process with a good they can take quite a bit of 'maltreatment'.

5 May, 2012

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